Come grab your coffee and relax! These Midwest mommas are discussing their everyday, messy lives!

Beth Guckenberger

Please enjoy our real conversation with author, speaker, and mom Beth! She shares how God is present in all things and how the start of becoming a family was different but better than she could have ever imagined.

We are so excited to have Liz Forkin Bohannon on our show to discuss her company Sseko, where she uses fashion to create opportunity and community for women globally.  She shares her passions and discusses some new exciting things coming up in her life.  Enjoy!

Join us in our conversation with the endearing author Alexandra Kuykendall.  We learn more about her journey to becoming an author and why it was important to her to share her beliefs.  Enjoy!

Today on our podcast, we are chatting with the founder of Mulxiply, Tanja Cesh.  Mulxiply is a sustainable fashion company focused on jewelry and accessories where everything is made in Nepal. These products are made by people who are at high risk or survivors of human trafficking.  Tanja candidly shares her personal experiences and how her outlook on fashion changed after she visited Nepal and saw the need to help others.  Please enjoy this powerful story! 

Join Midwest Mommas as we chat with founder and CEO of Sudara, Shannon Keith.  She shares her passion for empowering women and ending human trafficking.  Their products support living-wage employment and skills training for women in India who are at high risk or survivors of sex trafficking.  Thanks for listening!

Question Time! Part 2

Join Midwest Mommas as we ask each other some fun, silly questions! Enjoy!

Boys momma, Michelle Krol, shares her journey to being a momma of 5 boys, including quadruplets! Listen to hear her love for raising her boys. Enjoy! 

We were so honored to be able to sit down and chat with blogger, Molly Stillman! She shares how she started her well known blog and podcast and how it changed her life.  She also shares some of her favorite topics: essential oils, fashion, and more! We hope you enjoy! 

Join us in our conversation with Laura Hertz, CEO and founder of Gifts for Good. She shares her passion for giving meaningful gifts that give back.  With gifts from over 40 nonprofits and social enterprises, Gifts for Good can change the way the world gifts.  We hope you enjoy!

Join Midwest Mommas as we talk with NICU nurse, Madison, who shares her career and volunteering with Grace on Wings.  We hope you enjoy!